Moth and Butterfly Tours in Bulgaria

Moth and Butterfly Tours in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has 216 recorded species of butterfly making it one of the butterfly hotspots of Europe.

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Spring Butterflies & Flowers

This 12 day tour will take place in SE Bulgaria. Springtime is particularly beautiful with the fresh growth of wild flowers, trees in blossom and the air filled with birdsong, with much other wildlife of interest to be seen. However our primary focus will be butterflies and flowers, though we shall of course take note of other wildlife. We shall also run a moth trap.
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Early Summmer Butterflies & Moths

Early June is a glorious time to be in Bulgaria. The air will still be filled with birdsong, trees will be in full leaf but beautifully fresh and green, and the meadows will be full of insects, flowers and their scents. The tour is designed to take in a variety of habitats along the western side of Bulgaria in order for us to see a wide range of species, including spring species still on the wing, as well as many summer species. We expect to see well over 100 species during the tour.

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Butterfly & Dragonfly Tour 

This 11 day tour willl take place in NE Bulgaria fist visited as a new area for our tours in 2018. We shall be combining butterflies with dragonfies. We shall visit several Prime Butterfly Areas: including the Suha Reka and the beautiful Rocks Nature Park near the town of Shen in the eastern Stara Planina (over 150 butterfly species have been recorded here). During the tour we expect to see well over 100 butterfly species. For dragonflies we shall be visiting several protected wetland sites to look for a wide range of species,. including many that do not occur in Britain.

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Comments from our customers about our butterfly & moth tours

Our air-conditioned coach with a window seat for everyone (42 seats for 19 people) was sheer luxury. The guided tours by our interpreter of some old town centres and historic sites, and photo stops at picturesque villages all added to the cultural experience in addition to the nature. Within a day or two the group had gelled and a party atmosphere made the whole experience so much more enjoyable. To be with people of similar interests and outlook was a joy. Nearly 80 species of butterfly and 216 species of bird were identified in addition to many flowers, beetles and some mammals.


I really enjoyed my first organised butterfly (and dragonlfy) tour. Thank you all very much for being such great company. I got home feeling more relaxed than I had been for a very long time. I would definitely hope to do another one next year.

– F.Y.

I reiterate your comments regarding what, as always, was a well- organised and enjoyable tour. But then the Balkania team continue to provide an excellent service with good hotels in prime habitat, good food and excellent and helpful local guides and safe drivers. I am never disappointed, and even when there are unforeseen hitches it can add to the holiday experience. And of course without your enthusiasm, knowledge and leadership, mixed with a good sense of humour, you are a star. So thanks go again to you for making the tour such an enjoyable one.

– A.D.

Thank you for such a brilliant holiday infused with so very many beautiful butterfly and moth experiences. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Your enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge knew no bounds, which carried us through the 2 weeks happily too.

– G.L.

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