Membership and Donations

Membership and Donations


If you have been to Bulgaria, whether for a holiday, sport or business, and wish to maintain your links with this fascinating and beautiful country, join the British-Bulgarian Society.

Membership of the British-Bulgarian Society is open to any individual, organisation or firm in the United Kingdom if they support the aims of the Society and agree to pay the prescribed subscription or affiliation fee.

All members of the Society are entitled to attend any of the functions organised by the Society.

Individual members have the right to attend the Annual General Meeting and to vote for, and be elected to, the Executive Committee and positions of Officers, provided they have been members for over a year and their subscriptions are up to date.

Affiliated organisations and firms have the right to send one delegate to the Society's AGM and to attend meetings of the Committee where they can participate in discussion, but not vote.

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Joint - student, unwaged, OAP £8
Local organisations £20

The rest of the UK

Individual membership £9
Joint membership (living at same address) £12
Individual - student, unwaged, OAP £5
Joint - student, unwaged, OAP £7
National organisations £30
London area (Travel zones 1-6)
Individual membership £12
Joint membership (living at same address) £17
Individual - student, unwaged, OAP £6

Charitable Donations

The British-Bulgarian Society's programme of special interest tours, which focus on birdwatching and natural history, produces an income which is given away to a variety of conservation and educational causes.

Since 2000 our tours have produced over £15,000 in donations to the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds

Green Balkans is another Bulgarian NGO which we have assisted with donations for an information board at Belozem, an exhibition, notice boards and information leaflets at Matochina, and a meteorological station at their visitor centre at Pomorie. This is part of a research project about the environmental managment and conservation of coastal lagoons. We have also provided Pomorie with a microscope enabling visitors to see the otherwise invisible teeming life in water from the lake. Most recently we have made a donation towards the building of artificial nesting sites for Shelducks. Read more

The British-Bulgarian Society support for the recovery of the Lesser Kestrel as a breeding bird in Sakar.

As Green Balkans' partners now for several years, the British-Bulgarian Society supported the installation of nest boxes to be used by the Lesser Kestrels within "Lesser Kestrel Recovery" LIFE11 NAT/BG/360 project.

Through the donation provided by the British-Bulgarian Society, and with the assistance of climbers, 26 under-roof nest boxes have been mounted. The nest boxes are installed right under the roof construction. Small tunnels connect the nest chambers to the entrances of the nest boxes formed on the surface of the roof tiles. This type of nest boxes was developed in conformity with the methodology of the Spanish organization DEMA – a partner within this project, providing suitable and safe breeding conditions for Lesser Kestrels. On the other hand, the construction of the nest boxes provides Green Balkans' team with easy access to the nesting chambers, enabling the implementation of manipulations, supplementary feeding, monitoring of the breeding success, etc. So far, a total of 76 nest boxes of different types have been installed in the area of the Lesser Kestrel Release and Adaptation Module in Sakar by the team of Green Balkans and "Lesser Kestrel Recovery" LIFE11 NAT/BG/360 project funded by the EU's LIFE program. During the breeding season of 2015, 9 of these nest boxes were used by Lesser Kestrels. Also, some of the nest boxes were occupied by other bird species, such as Little Owls and Willow (or Spanish) Sparrows.
We have also purchased a telescope for the use of staff and visitors at Pomorie Visitor Centre.

For 2018 our contribution will go towards the construction of rafts or wooden islands on Pomorie Lake, safe refuges for nesting birds.

In the period 6-10 September, Green Balkans NGO held the traditional Pomorie Lake conservation holiday. 10 volunteers from the whole of Bulgaria participated and were additionally supported by 10 volunteers who joined at the weekend for cleaning and maintaining Pomorie Lake visitor centre.

During the conservation holiday, the main activity of the volunteers was the creation of a new nesting platform in one of the saltpans of Pomorie saltworks. The platform is wooden and covered with mud, pebbles and shells from the lagoon's bottom. This design has proved highly successful in previous years when 2 platforms of this type were created in the southwestern basins of the lagoon. These were occupied by nesting Common Terns in the first year, and Little Terns and Avocets joined them in the second. The selected site hosted a small Common Tern colony about 10 years ago, that has left and occupied better facilities (platforms and islets) created in other parts of the lagoon. However with increased pressure from human disturbance (mainly by kite-surfers) these other sites are getting vulnerable and the selected location for our new platform is in a safe haven.

In addition, the volunteers have taken measures for the maintenance of the large bird islet in the centre of the lagoon that is the main breeding site for a number of important species at the national level. Vegetation was removed from part of the islet to ensure a mixed breeding habitat for different bird species – waders, terns and ducks.

Improving nesting conditions for terns and avocets at Pomorie Lake, Bulgaria, thanks to support from 
the British-Bulgarian Society

See the beauty of Pomorie Lake in the film below.


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