Wine and Food F Tours in Bulgaria

Wine and Foodk Tours in Bulgaria

The craft of wine making, the enjoyment of wine drinking and entertaining guests have always been an integral part of the lifestyle of the Bulgarians.

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Spa Indulgence & Wine Festival

The Bulgarians, with their centuries-old tradition of wine making, have their own indigenous festival of Triton Zarezan, which marks the first pruning of the vines in eager anticipation of the Spring awakening of Nature. In modern times the festival tends to merge with St.Valentine's day.

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Roses & Rosé

We shall visit the unique Rose Valley, one of Bulgaria's best-known symbols and its fields of roses, from which the world famous attar is made We shall join the festival celebrations in Kazanluk area and visit some Thracian tombs from 5th to 3rd Centuries BC. The important historical sites of Sofia and Plovdiv will be explored as well. There will be two chances to sample local wines - induding rosé of course!

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A Taste of Bulgaria Tour

Our tour takes place during the most exciting time of the year for farmers and winemakers - the harvest, or vintage.

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