Birdwatching Tours in Bulgaria

Birdwatching Tours Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a paradise for birdwatchers almost all year round. Visit the Black Sea Coast. Burgas Lakes and migration hotspots with us.

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Winter Wildfowl Tour 

This tour gives you a chance to see Red-breasted Geese, White-headed Ducks and other wintering geese and ducks on the Black Sea coast. The one-week tour will have two centres, the first on the northern part of the Black Sea coast, and then in the south near Burgas lakes.

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Bulgarian Mountains & Greek Wetlands

This is an opportunity to combine not only two countries in one tour, but two contrasting habitats. In Bulgaria the Pirin mountains will provide pine forest birds and in Greece there will be visits to wetlands including Kerkini lake, Axios river, lakes VoNi and Langada and the Nestos and Evros deltas, the last is an important bottleneck for migratory birds.

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Autumn Migration

This one-week tour visits the migration hotspots on the northern and southern Black Sea coast, where the migration is a truly remarkable spectacle. The southern section in particular is a bottleneck for birds from all of eastern Europe. Flocks of tens of thousands of White Stork, birds of prey and pelicans heading south fill the skies, as well as passerines such as Red-breasted Flycatcher and Pied Wheatear, and a good selection of waders.

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Comments from our customers about our birdwatching tours

This was a very successful tour. The list of 230 species was, according to our tour leader, one of the longest ever for such a trip, and included almost all the big target birds such as Wallcreeper, Masked Shrike, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Black Vulture, Olive-tree Warbler and Pied Wheatear. The seemingly constant supply of good luck extended to tricky species such as Ruddy Shelduck, Black-winged Pratincole, Eagle Owl and Black Woodpecker. The few 'misses' included Paddyfield Warbler and Grey-headed Woodpecker, but provided a ready excuse for a rapid return visit, and I know that this is what several people are already planning.


I write to say what an excellent trip it was, with over 200 birds seen, and excellent hotels and food (often difficult for me as I am a vegetarian). The Bulgarian leader was very knowledgeable and helpful. As there was quite a lot of travelling involved, it was good to have a coach that was somewhat over-sized for us, giving us all plenty of room to spread ourselves around, and an excellent driver for whom narrow roads and tracks were no problem. Thank you for helping to organize such a lovely tour.


I wanted to write to you to say how much I enjoyed the B-BS Autumn Migration Tour which I have just returned from. The small family hotels were wonderful and exactly the kinds of places I wanted to stay at, with great rooms, good food, friendly staff and perfect locations. Our guide was superb – his patience, kindness, good humour and knowledge were limitless. I learnt so much from him. The fantastic spectacle of migration has to be seen to be believed, we didn't want each day to end. I will certainly recommend B-BS tours to others and hope that you continue to introduce people to this wonderful country.



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